5 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Twitter

Twitter is a great marketing tool for small and large businesses alike. There are so many ways to use this awesome social networking website that a ton of businesses still do not take advantage of. Well I am here to give you a few ideas as to how you can market through Twitter, and receive new leads, customers, and followers for your business!

Joining Conversations

Nobody likes to be “spammed” while they are trying to enjoy talking with their friends and viewing some of their favorite brands Twitter accounts. Therefore, if someone followers your account, then do not interrupt their news feed all day with your promotions! Take part in some discussions that are being held amongst other relevant businesses and consumers. This way you will be able to give back to the community with your knowledge, and at the same time create trust within your community and others users as well.

Finding a conversation about your industry is not difficult at all. It will take about 3 minutes if you do it correctly! First, search for a topic by entering a word into the search bar that may be related to your company. For example, if you are a marketer then you should simply search “#Marketing” within the search bar to find existing conversations. Second, JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Add your insight and give people some tips. This is a great step in the right direction and will really bring in more followers if you do share some great information and ideas.


I know that I said it is wrong to simply just promote your products on your Twitter account, and it is! You should incorporate posts about your product throughout the day, but don’t overdo it and simply just post about your product in every single Tweet. I would say a good formula for promoting your product throughout the day would have to be 1 product post for every 3 informative posts that you make. This way you are sending our useful information and at the same time presenting your product to your followers, which at this point should all be targeted and possibly interested in your product/services.


Be sure to use the same formula as above, 1 promotion every 3 informative posts. Remember that formula, I promise it will get you far! Now start sharing some of your businesses promotions, or events that you may be holding. If you have done a good job at hand picking your followers, then you should be able to create a buzz amongst your community by sharing an applicable promotion. For example, if you are a marketer, and you have a networking event involving marketers, SHARE IT! This is a useful post that gives value to your business instead of simply coming off as a promotion. Although, if you do have a promotion that involves a discount, share it sparingly, as this can drive away followers if they feel that they are being “spammed”.

Blog Posts

Do you have a blog? Yes? Well good. Now is the time to start sharing your businesses blog posts with your community. Most users go on Twitter to chat with friends and if they are not doing that, then they are looking for helpful information. Sure you should always be sharing information from other related sources and not just your businesses, but if you have great posts, then Tweet them! I am not saying that you should share your blog post 10 times a day because you liked it, keep it in moderation. Your community will appreciate that you are giving them some free tips and information. Showing your followers that you post useful information will help your business gain trust as being an expert in your field, because it will basically show that you know what you are talking about and not just making it up on the spot.

Other Social Media Accounts

This is by far the easiest step of them all. Does your business have a Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other social networking accounts? If you answered no, then you are beyond helping at this point… Just kidding! Get on it and make those accounts immediately! After you have done so, or you already have accounts, then start sharing with your other community members that you have a Twitter account. If you have made some Twitter specific competitions, or anything along those lines, then you should post on your other accounts and announce the competition that is being held. By doing so, you will be able take existing fans from your other accounts, and bring them to your Twitter account to participate.

I hope that these tips will help spark some ideas for your Twitter marketing strategy and bring your business more followers, customers, and leads. If you want to ask some questions, then post a comment in the section below, or send us a Tweet to @FrogSolution!


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