Marketing Tips: Pinterest (Contests & Personality)

Pinterest has been quite a buzz amongst social media marketers recently. If you do not know what Pinterest is yet, then you are missing out on a great platform for sharing content such as images and videos! This social network consists of profiles that contain “Boards”, which are titled areas designated for specific content. Here are a few Pinterest marketing tips to get the ball rolling!


Creating contests is a great way to increase engagement within communities on social networking sites. We like to create “Pin-it to Win-It” contests. These contests allow users to take part in sharing their favorite videos or images with us through the creation of public boards. Public boards allow users to post their content within the designated contest board. By doing this, you are allowing your community to be seen on your Pinterest page. You must individually add each person’s username to the board so that they can post within it, but it is absolutely worth the time.

For example, we are about to create a “Vision board” contest for one of our clients, which are boards that consist of images that users want to have, be, or do in their life. Pinterest boards can be shared through Twitter, Facebook, Email, and users can even embed boards onto any website of their choosing. Embedding is great, because we can post our favorite Vision Board onto our client’s website for the entire community to see! We have chosen to have users submit their Vision Boards to our client’s social networking accounts through any of the above options. We will then create a board that contains the Vision Boards that we personally find to be the best. This is a great way for our client’s community to be engaged. A contest will increase the amount of followers to their Pinterest page and overall increase the amount of “Likes” and Followers on their other social networks.



If you are a social media marketer, then you know that businesses should have a personality and show a personal side with their community. A great way to show users what the people behind the business are truly like is by creating boards filled with pictures and videos that are personal favorites. For example, our company has an “Office Supplies Wish List” board, which shows our community what we wish to get in the future. This displays that we are not only creating boards about social media, but that we also have boards that contain funny, creative, and bad advertisements, so that when our community members visit our page they can have a laugh.

We are allowing our community to see what we think is funny, which is a great way to make people feel as if they truly know who we are and so they will have a better understanding of what we like. If you have a client that is interested in using Pinterest, you should be sure to give them access to the page so that they can do some pinning themselves. This is a great way to give their business personality and share other interesting pictures and videos that may be a little off topic. Creating personal boards is also another awesome way to gain more followers, since you will be expanding their reach within Pinterest by having different categorized boards.

These are just 2 simple tips that can really go a long way on Pinterest. We plan on releasing more Pinterest marketing tips in the future, so make sure to keep checking back for more! Now it’s your turn, share some of your personal tips and ideas to help others market using Pinterest!

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