How to Increase Interactions and Engagement on Facebook

Using social media as a tool for marketing is becoming a growing trend amongst large corporations and small businesses alike. Most business owners unfortunately do not know how to increase interactions on their Facebook fan page. Let us help you increase the amount of interactions and the level of engagement your business receives on their social networking accounts.

1.     Quality Post’s

One of our biggest pet peeves, here at Frog Social Media Solutions, is seeing businesses sharing boring or unoriginal post’s with their community. Creating fresh and appealing content is a one way ticket to success in the world of social media. Most users are visiting the internet to gain information about a certain subject, product, or service. So if you are not giving your fans what they really want then they will most likely not visit your Facebook fan page again. When a piece of relevant and original content is shared on your wall, then you should be able to sit back, relax, and watch the comments roll in. Content is a great way to increase your interactions on Facebook and create a one-on-one engagement with your fans that is unrivaled. Sharing blog posts directly from your website to your fan page, will lead to a higher click through rate as well.

2.     Business News/Information

Most businesses on Facebook simply list their information in the info section on their page and then leave it alone. Little do they know, fans usually visit to their page to find out current information and news about your business. Be sure to include new breakthroughs and news within your fan pages status updates. This way your fans will be updated with your businesses happenings and will feel as if they are getting the inside scoop because they became a fan of your Facebook page. Offering news and information that cannot be found anywhere else but your Facebook page, gives users a reason to press the “Like” button.

3.     Applications

If you are looking to stand out from the crowd of bland fan pages, then you should be sure to invest in custom Facebook applications. There are numerous websites to find applications that can be quickly installed onto your fan page. All you have to do is simply search “Facebook fan page apps” on Google and you will find tons of innovative apps. We personally use the Twitter and YouTube applications on our fan page. This leads to increased YouTube views and a boost in followers on your Twitter profile because of its ease of access. Adding apps to your fan page will increase the amount of time spent on your Facebook page and will direct fans to your other social networking profiles.


It’s Your Turn!

Let’s hear what you guys think are the best strategies to increase interactions and engagement on your Facebook fan page!


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2 Responses to “How to Increase Interactions and Engagement on Facebook”

  1. All great points!!

    I may add analytical discovery as well, as this can typically indicate the success/failure of what is being posted. The data you collect to measure the content virility often can show you the way to fruitful returns on time spent sharing your content.

    • Vincent frogameni says:

      Agreed completely William!!! Analytics is huge when it comes to determining what is working and what is not. If you do not know then you may be posting ineffective content and your strategy may not be performing well.

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