Is Social Media the New Word of Mouth Marketing?

word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing has been one of the greatest advertising solutions for small and local businesses throughout time. This happens to actually be one of the most effective ways for businesses to extend their brand out to their community and potential consumers. Creating social media accounts is one of the most inexpensive ways to increase your businesses exposure by leveraging your Facebook & Twitter fans and followers.

How Does Social Media Increase Word of Mouth?

The easiest way to explain how important it is to be on social media websites is by simply viewing the amount of users present on these social networking platforms. There are over 750 million users on Facebook alone, and over 175 million users on Twitter. Combining every social networking site, including Flickr, YouTube, Google+, and Foursquare, there are over one billion users! Now how can a business owner not take advantage of all of these potential customers, whether they are a local or global business?

I have come to the realization that people are no longer going to their friends directly and referring a business to them anymore. Also consumers are no longer relying on “Expertise” websites to gain their information about a product or business. They are in fact looking at their news feeds and viewing what their friends enjoy and recommend. Now instead of a single consumer referring a business to only one other person, users can now make a status about a service, product, or business and it will reach over 150 potential customers!

How You Can Have Consumers Talking

As a business owner myself, I have decided to create incentives for social networking users to share and refer my business through status updates on Facebook and retweets on Twitter. This increases the amount of exposure that my business receives and is an easy way for customers to spread the word without feeling inconvenienced. If you are looking to gain a large amount of exposure in a short period of time, then you should think about creating a contest or event. This way you will engage your community and add a whole new level of interaction, at the same time as spreading your businesses name amongst websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

YouTube is also another great resource when it comes to spreading your businesses name through the word of mouth. Creating a viral video can attract thousands of potential buyers and will spread throughout social networking websites like wildfire. All you may have to do is grab a video camera and make an informative and funny video which may get people talking. Keep your consumers talking and this will attract others to join in on the party and build your businesses online presence while on autopilot.

It’s Your Turn!

Let’s hear what you guys think! Is social media the new form of word of mouth marketing, or is it just going to be phased out in the next couple of years?

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  1. A fundamental shift in how businesses will engage with prospects and clients, be found, be reviewed. Absolutely, those who realize this shift will be in the catbird seat. Those who don’t…can we discuss what market share loss means to the bottom line?

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